Stock condition surveys

It allows landlords to plan for future investment needs against a business plan. This will enable a programme of works to the landlords housing stock.

The purpose of the surveys is to record information to enable Landlords to plan for their upcoming works programme, also to identify what works are required to each individual house, block, building premises etc.

landlordBarnsley Bate will recorded relevant information only. Barnsley Bate will not disclose any information to the tenant. During the surveys any identified and urgent health and safety issues will be recorded and acted upon accordingly.  We will include digital photographs of key items requiring remedial work to assist in communicating the works required.

Property Surveys include Education, Health Sector, Local Authority, University and Private Sectors.

Elements normally covered in Stock condition surveys include but are not limited to : Structure, Roof, External Fabric, Ground Conditions, Heating, Ventilation, Water systems, Drainage, Fixed Machinery, Fuel Storage, Electrical installations, Telecoms, Alarms, Internal and External Walls Conditions, Lifts, Lighting Protection plus more